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The drava river works as the vertebral axis of the project. Maribor looks at itself through the river. It will be a new way of living together with the river – in direct contact with it.

The two riverbanks form part of a single proposal, but each of them has their own character and personality. Both sides complement and contemplate each other.
Lent is more urban where the contact with the river is very calm and quiet. Here you are invited to walk, to watch / contemplate. Little spaces invite you to sit down and rest – the “stays” are expressed through different textures. Lent offers restaurants, bars and terraces, gastronomic and wine-routes, is ideal for reeding the newspaper in the morning, closed to the river. In Lent you can enjoy a concert in the afternoon, learn about history or visit a museum…

concurso de ideas para el río drava_rava river embankment [2010]

Tabor represents itself with an image based on nature, sport and leisure time. It’s the more creative innovative and youthful looking part.The project proposes an upper promenade, the so called [EYESIGHT AVENUE] with an urban character. This avenue recovers the forgotten quality of an underestimated part of the town and transforms it in an attractive viewpoint.
The second element is the lower promenade, the ACTIVITY PATH, close to the river where the protagonist is the water.
The URBAN BEACH introduces an alternative aspect, offers a totally different and new type of outdoor leisure use right in the middle of the city. Through elements like the ILUMINATED ISLAND, multipurpose platforms, create the possibility to interact with the water in a direct way. [New water uses]
Tabor invites you to walk, to run and to cycle, invites to make a picnic with your family, to go for a walk with your dog, to catch sun or take a bath, to go out at night to see one of the little events or performances.
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